Making Babies… (…Presents)

So a little mama friend of mine recently popped out some twinsies and knowing that one thing she would need in abundance was nappies, I wanted to try my hand at constructing a diaper cake for her. These aren’t too popular in Australia but I don’t know why, they are super easy and adorable. Don’t bother paying $100+ for one of these when you can make it yourself in an hour.

This one was made using the “candlestick method” (whatever that is) and used exactly 60 nappies (pink and blue pack), a plastic platter to sit it on, two baby bottles to act as the mast (you can fill with lollies for the little mama if you like), pretty ribbons, small bunch of fake flowers, a mountain of rubber bands and if you like some mini bottles of baby creams.

Here’s how the cake came together… (annnnnd apologies for the crap quality iphone pictures.)


I know, it looks pretty good right? But in the end.. it will be pulled apart, shat on 60 times and end up in landfill.

With that in mind, what are these fancy people below doing? Seriously, make a quilt or something. No one is going to shit on your quilt 60 times.



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2 delightful comments!

  1. Depending on who you give the quilt to, it may get shat on 60 times. Some people are jerks like that.

  2. Remind me never to give you a quilt 😉