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Barbie told little girls all over the world, they could be anything… ANYTHING

In 2010, Mattel launched a global ad campaign to remind little girls (and bigger girls too) about the brand promise of Barbie: POSSIBILITY! When it comes down to it, all every little girl wants is to be a big girl. … Continue reading

say hello to my little friend

Today in my North Melbourne travels I made a new friend, Charlie*, who truly encompasses the word ‘spontrepreneurial’ (Equally spontaneous and entrepreneurial, an excellent word that I certainly didn’t just make up.) What you can’t see in this photo is … Continue reading

redneck rollercoasters and other adventures across the internet

In what was the biggest anti climax since the first time I saw balls, the jumping castle blower died at my secret ladies jumping castle picnic party. We were all inside but thankfully everyone got out with their lives. I … Continue reading

Poorly timed releases of movies about the same thing and how this relates to mini golf

It’s kind of weird, don’t you think, that directly after Black Swan, we had both the female leads (Portman and Kunis) star in different movies with exactly the same plot (No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits). Why oh why … Continue reading

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Tom Selleck, be my forever lover….

Recently, Ben, of (perhaps you’ve heard of him, he’s kind of a big deal) decided to take part in Movember and there’s been a lot of discussion regarding what kind of crumb catching, soup straining, cookie dusting, nose tickler … Continue reading