Poorly timed releases of movies about the same thing and how this relates to mini golf

It’s kind of weird, don’t you think, that directly after Black Swan, we had both the female leads (Portman and Kunis) star in different movies with exactly the same plot (No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits).

Why oh why does Hollywood keep letting this happen… Case in point:

  • The Truman Show/EdTV (1998/99)
  • The Illusionist/The Prestige (both 2006)
  • Antz/A Bug’s Life (both 1998)
  • Deep Impact/Armageddon (both 1998)
  • Green Hornet/Green Lantern (both 2011)
  • Finding Nemo/Shark Tale (2003/4)
  • The Blind Side/Precious (both 2009)

…Get your shit together, American film industry.

Also adding to the weirdness of the No Strings Attached/Friends With Benefits debacle, the actress (Kunis) from one movie and the actor from the other (Kutcher) used to play characters who used to date eachother on that show… set in the 70’s… shit, what was that show called?! Anyway, I know, its a lot to take in, so I made a chart. (Not for you, more for me, I like charts)

It all just got too weird and so I had to watch both of them one after the other on this lazy Sunday afternoon to decide who did it best.

VERDICT: I’m going to give this one to Natalie. Natalie wins because in her movie, she and Ashton go to a truly amazing Disneyland-esque MINI GOLF course that, for about 2 hours I convinced myself, was actually Disneyland.

Then I actually looked into it and found out that the course in No Strings Attached was Sherman Oaks Castle Park

And after that, I went on a complete google-bender to compile a list of the WORLD’S GREATEST MINI GOLF COURSES.

Here you go, friends!

1. Par King Skills Golf, Illinois, USA

An awesome pink castle and the course highlight is a real working rollercoaster for you to putt through.

2. Around The World In 18 Holes, Lake George, USA

There are two featured courses here Around The World (we travel to Japan, Holland, France and then things get awfully political in Russia) and Around The USA (featuring the scariest looking Maine lobster I’ve ever seen and a Texas oil rig inspired hole)

3. Dino Park, Phuket, Thailand

I feel physically ill at the thought, Ben and I wasted our one full day in Phuket visiting a frickin’ butterfly park when this was on offer. The course even features dino turd obstacles. Hold me.

4. Hawaiian Rumble, Mytle Beach, South Carolina

According to their website which may or may not have been made in 1995, Hawaiian Rumble represents a Hawaiian Oasis and is home to US ProTour, the US Masters and US Open. The course is designed around a giant volcano structure which ‘erupts’ periodically to the awe and deeeeeeeelight of visitors. I’m not going to lie, I pretty much want to have this place’s babies.

5. May Day Mini Golf, Mytle Beach, South Carolina

Geez, Mytle Beach, South Carolina way to have the monopoly on fun! If you want to live out your Lost fantasies, May Day Golf, is built around the theme of a crashed airplane. Remarkably, passengers and golf clubs are all unharmed by the crash. So everyone gets their MG on while they wait to be rescued. Maybe I don’t want to be rescued?

6. Ahlgrim Acres, Illinois, USA

This 35 year old 9-hole mini golf course is located in the basement of a funeral home in suburban Chicago, with wacky obstacles such as coffins and headstones… As part of their funeral package, all guests can play a free round of miniature golf and most people do apparantly.

7. Goofy Golf, Florida, USA

It takes a special kind of brilliance to come up with a hole that allows you to hit Buddah in the crotch with a golf ball while T-Rex watches on.

8. Lexington Ice Centre Mini Gold, Kentucky, USA

Want more Jesus with your putt putt? Hello Lexington Ice Centre. Three courses: Course one kicks it OT style, course two is all about the New Testament and course 3 is themed ‘miracles’

9. Adventure Golf and Raceway, Colorado, USA

I really like the talking skeletons. I told you advertising works.

10. Glow Golf, Docklands, Australia

The only place on this list I have visited personally and also the only indoor course. This isn’t your everyday cotton dress, sunday school picnic, vanilla flavour, white bread mini golf course. This is sexy and black-lit and takes you on a sexy black-lit whirlwind tour of our many famous Australian landmarks. Go there, have Dippin Dots after and just don’t ride that ugly wheel.

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6 delightful comments!

  1. I just visited number 10. The mini golf aficionados I went with were disappointed at the broken pathways and lack of tricks but Olivia Newton John eating chips with Kylie and Dame Edna might just make up for it. I even did the coffin ride. It was very comfortable to lie in and I got a bit of a back massage.

  2. United 93 / Flight 93 (2006).
    United is better but both are equally sob-inducing.

  3. I went to Docklands glow golf once. I was winning by 1 point until the last hole, when my ball got stuck & I scored ∞ for that hole and lost the game.

  4. Agree with you about the movies. Have wondered that same thing ever since Antz/Bugs Life.

    Having just played mini golf this evening, I’m so intrigued by all these super fancy places!