It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yesterday, Ben, Rexy and I went on an adventure up in the hills around Yarragon to find (read: illegally cut down from the side of the road and feel immediate remorse) a Christmas Tree.

Karma didn’t waste any time letting us learn the error of our ways. As well as being incredibly lop sided and full of spiders, Ben is now allergic to the fir tree currently residing in his livingroom.

The whole situation has made me think about alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree. And it put me in mind of the tree we made in MontrĂ©al in 2008. I had taken possession of a witch’s hat (orange traffic cone for my non-Australian friends out there) one night on a drunken walk home. It had lived in our living room permanently for at least 3 months before we thought to repurpose it. We also had a ridiculous amount of coloured paper clips, a large bag of starbursts, an unused foil cake tin and a long silver streamer I had pocketed as a souvenir from the time I saw the Little Mermaid musical in New York. (I’m pretty sure that the show Hoarders is based solely on my life.) We also had some poster card and green paint left over from some other wacky craft project and a wee orange british man-cat helper.

Anyway, it was pretty cool and Scorsese made it into a short film. Here it is below:


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  1. That video is awesome, I love how the cat keeps getting involved. I wish my flat was big enough for a Christmas tree – I adore the smell and I love decorating them, but we have absolutely nowhere to put it.