no recession for the lemonade stand industry

Found myself parched in North Melbourne again on the weekend and happily stumbled on my favourite cavity in a cup, the neighbourhood lemonade stand.

(From “say hello to my little friend” blogpost fame)

Though business is clearly booming for Charlie* (his workforce has grown by 100%) frugality is still hard to shake, as evidenced by his complete lack of footwear.

Although hampered by supply issues (There were only 3 cups), the lemonade was as tasty as ever.

Despite this, the dining experience was marred by awkwardness. After I asked for a photo to mark the occasion and we walked back to car, I heard Charlie whisper to his friend “She comes sometimes…”

Like I’m some weirdo loser lemonade stand groupie…

….who keeps a blog about her citrus-soaked adventures…


*Still not his real name