Cutest Old People of the Internet

Being grandparent-less, I like to get my old people fix where I can: Helping them cross the street, watching them take out their teeth to play shuffleboard… I once even took a cruise with my Mum and even with our cumulative ages we were the youngest “person”  there – IT WAS THE GREATEST 12 DAYS OF MY LIFE.

When not in the immediate company of  wrinkled living history, You Tube pays a glorious homage to them. Counting the best down from 10!

10. Greenscreen Grandmas

Grandma Millie and Grandma Fran are both trying really hard to be the cool grandma and outdo eachother with enthusiastic monkey noises… but you’re both winners, ladies. Okay?

9. Grandparents Discover Photo Booth

No words.

8. Did You Hear A Click?

A modern classic in the grandparents vs technology genre.

7. 90 Year Old Grandma Dances to Whitney Houston

This cute little granny is nearly completely blind and dancing wildly next to an expensive looking vase. Edge. Of. Your. Seat.

6. Grandparents Just Don’t Understand – Your Favorite Martian

This is a take-off of Kids React To Viral Videos…  but with grandparents. It’s like sitting through a sexy part of a movie with your parents.

5. 82  Year Old Trying Pop Rocks

“Don’t take pictures of me…” “Okay, Grandma.”

4. Ghost Riding Grandma

This is what happens when its school holidays and your parents drop you off to spend the day with your grandparents and they really really want you to like them so you’ll come back.

3. Webcam 101: For Seniors

The gold standard of grandparents vs technology YouTube videos. Highlight is around the 1.45 mark when Grandpa shows that some men don’t need a little blue friend to get them going.

2. 100 Year Old Bride

When Fred says, “It’s pretty hard to be blind,” we don’t know whether he’s referring to his eyesight or love at first sight. Both are adorable.

1. 81 Year Old Sweethearts Reunite After About 62 Years

This video made me bawl. Never stop believing in love, everyone. NEVER.



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