World’s Greatest Themed Dining Experiences

After a mini sabbatical, Christie has shamed me into posting! Thank you, Christie for helping to bring the world my babble. Hope I’m not too rusty… let’s see…

I was reminicing about my time spent in Montréal today and was reminded of my friend Tom’s birthday spent at the very memorable O.Noir restaurant. At O.Noir, dining is experienced in complete darkness and the waitstaff are all legally blind. Because we were 21 year old girls and also a few wines in, we thought it would be hysterical if we all swapped clothes during the course of the meal to see if the boys in our group noticed our costume change when we were leaving. So we did. Ever delivered your order to a waiter topless? No, well then you haven’t lived….

…Wait, let me finish… you haven’t lived through the awkwardness. As I sat there, waiting for Erin to pass me her top, the waiter came over, put his hand on my naked shoulder (they do this to let you know they’re addressing you)  and asked me what I would like to eat this evening. He knew exactly what we were doing and wasn’t amused (or apparantly turned on… whatever, I give awesome shoulder). So I look back on that experience slightly mortified and haven’t returned to any themed restaurant since.


Let’s have a look at what I would potentially be missing out on.


Calico Cat Café, Tokyo

Once thought to be an oddity and the refuge of lonely women cat fanciers, cat cafés are enjoying a renaissance in Japan. This is probably because Japan is full of high rise buildings which forbid pets and by extension joy…. so sitting a while, sipping on a cup of tea and indulging in some committment free HEAVY PETTING can’t be a bad thing.


Ninja New York, New York

A movie-set style secret underground labarinyth that calls itself a Japanese restaurant. Your ‘ninja’ servers ask you to decide between two routes to your table, the first, the ninja explains, is simple and direct. The second is “dark, dangerous and narrow,” involving a long tunnel and a drawbridge. YES A FRICKIN DRAWBRIDGE, SIGN ME UP.



Waterfall Restaurant, The Philippines

While trying to hold a conversation over the roar of the waterfall at Villa Escudero Resort in San Pablo City may be challenging, I’d begrudgingly forgo listening to the sound of my own voice to experience it. Post lunch dips in the clear spring water are also encouraged.


Baggers Restaurant, Germany

Channelling a pre-apocalyptic world, where in the years prior to rising up and exterminating humans, the hospitality industry has enslaved robotkind, comes Baggers of Nuremberg. This restaurant is run like a well-oiled machine because it actually is a well-oiled machine, where diners are waited on entirely by robots through an automated ordering and food delivery system.  I for one welcome our mechanical overlords.


Kayabuki Restaurant, Somewhere-ville Japan

Continuing on with the theme of waiterless dining we have Kayabuki Restaurant, where diners are served by monkeys. Dressed the part, tiny monkeys bring you drinks, hot towels and a dance show. I’m pretty sure that if the robot rebellion is quashed, we can look forward to serving our new ape masters.  Here’s a video. It’s all a bit uncomfortable.



 Titanic Theatre Restaurant, Melbourne

I do like to end these lists with a local attraction and so here is Melbourne’s own Titantic themed Theatre Restaurant located in Williamstown. Choose to dine in steerage, first class or at the captain’s table and hopefully the only iceburg you’ll hit will be the one at the bottom of your glass. Fingers crossed I’ll see in my 26th birthday here. I know you secretly read this blog Mumsy. Make it happen.


2 delightful comments!

  1. I was hoping for a joke about iceberg lettuce.
    Also monkey don’t like being waiters. Or wearing pants. How are they supposed to gain easy access to the feacal matter for the purposes of flinging with pants on? It’s not right.

  2. I’m jealous of your O Noir experience. Though if you took it a step further and indulged in your nudity eventually you might have to become a waitress there yourself! (Get it, get it? You’ll go blind!)

    I may be tempted to shower under that waterfall.

    Also, can it get any more Melbourne than the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant?