I Heart Hrvatska – Plitvice Edition

We said a teary-eyed and bleary-eyed goodbye to Zagreb (it was 4am) and with our friends in tow, began to make our way across Croatia to Split on the bus.

On route we got off the bus on a long empty stretch of road fringed by woodland. In reality, we probably walked 100 metres but it felt like 4 km. I’m trying to keep my spirits up by oversmiling fakely.

We dropped our bags off and headed into Plitvice Lakes National Park. Then we weaved a path through hundreds of cascading waterfalls. It was mindblowing! I’d describe it as one part Jurassic Park (without the dinosaurs), one part that planet in Avatar (aka Fern Gully 2) and one part the Garden of FREEEEAKIN Eden.

I have a very suggestible bladder and the constant sound of rushing water meant I was always needing to pee. There are hardly any toilets and not a lot of privacy once you hit the waterfall walk. One suggestion would be to wear an adult nappy. Another would be to subtley wet your pants and try to pass it off as awkwardly placed sweat marks until it dries.

A moment captured in time. The first happy snap is me either taking my first steps… OR more likely running towards Ben for a photo. In the next shot, I’ve accidently and unknowingly kneed him in the gonads.

Love this girl.

We got turned around and had to run up the top of the hill to make our bus. It was worth the side-stitch, the wheezing and the  “Go on without me, save yourself” proclamations for this view though.

Waiting for the bus to Split was a seesaw of emotions. One minute, we’d convince ourselves we’d missed it,we’d never get to Split, the boat would leave without us. The next minute we’d fall into hysterical fits of laughter. (Top right) Someone found this rock which in colourful lettering reads: “It takes so long to get a bus here, we have been hacky sacking for an hour waiting, I hope you can read English. I just really want to be on the bus to Zadar” Sure, it was blantant vandalism but we placed a lot of hope into that flat little rock. That Olympic hacky sack team must have eventually gotten their bus because they weren’t there still waiting and neither were their skeletal remains.  Eventually the bus rounded the corner, we got on and all immediately fell asleep


Next time! The big one… SAIL CROATIA.


One delightful comment!

  1. You should have showered under one of those waterfalls.