But my Mum says I’m cool, Grey Poupon…

US ad agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, is pure awesome, deep fried and wrapped in bacon. In 2009, CP&B gave the world the Whopper Sacrifice campaign and challenged the pervading culture of amassing superficial facebook “friendships.” And now, they have single handedly turned the desperate courting of Facebook fans by big name brands on its head.

For those Australians playing at home, Grey Poupon is a Kraft-owned, US-based mustard brand with a massive aristocratic ego. It was launched in the 80s with this television commercial.

…which spawned this parody….

and this one….

….and probably a thousand other home jobs on YouTube.

The brand’s entire personality is cemented in this Richie Rich delusion. So, the campaign plays to that and transforms the almost robotic act of liking brands on Facebook into something more involved.  Instead of trying to herd a group of possible fans to engage with their facebook page, they are weeding and thinning the herd with a selection criteria and an application process.

The brand’s fan page has been renamed the Grey Poupon Good Taste Society and explains,

“This society is a private club committed to upholding the pillars of good taste set by our mustard. Only applicants with the most discerning palates will be admitted. Those whose applications are denied will have their LIKE rescinded,”

Now, Zuckerburg might think Facebook is like sitting on a chair, but I’d probably liken it to buying a Ferrari… you only do things on Facebook to one-up everybody else. I’m not saying a sportscar is on the same level as membership to an ‘aspirational’ mustard fanpage on Facebook…. but who doesn’t enjoy being part of something exclusive?!

So nicely played, Crispin Porter & Bogusky. I tip my top hat to you.

I say top hat because I’m made the cut. Top 30th Percentile.

According to the CP&B creative director, “Our development team built an algorithm that gives high ratings to things like movies and books mentioned in The New York Times, Ivy League colleges, and top restaurants. It checks for spelling, grammar, and politeness.”

There’s only one explanation for my application’s acceptance. I must have broken the application algorithm by previously liking super weird and embarassing things such as Grease 2 and every single Australian feminine hygiene brand… no matter. I’m in and I plan to lord it all over you, exactly the way Grey Poupon intended.