I Heart Hrvatska – Sail Croatia Edition

Today we travel back in time (not far don’t worry, we’re not going to step on a bug and change the course of history) to June, when I boarded a dinky little boat called the Maya at the Port of Split, Croatia.

When you’re researching Sail Croatia it can be a little daunting- the bad reviews seem to outweigh the good and you start to envisage a week spent on a leaky boat, rooms infested with bedbugs and sharing close quarters with the type of people you usually cross the street to avoid. Luckily I didn’t have this holiday.

For me, the trip was smooth sailing the whole time. And I mean smooth sailing purely metaphorically cause that boat swayed and rocked so violently more than one person worshiped at the porcelain throne.


Speaking of food, as part of the sail fare, you get breakast and lunch daily. I only made it to breakfast once (too busy steering the boat…) but the 3 course lunches were basic and yum. Drinks are extra but really reasonable prices. If you’re lucky your beer mug will give you awesome DOUBLE FACE.


This is girice. I think its just fried whitebait but its delish if you don’t have an aversion to your food looking at you as you eat them whole. Croatians eat them like chips. Here we have the circle of life… what the Lion King took 90 minutes to explain, the girice accomplishes in a mouthful.

It should be no surprise to anyone that there’s a lot of boozing on Sail Croatia and while alcohol is great, my preferred social lubricant is bubbles… Seriously I met most of my friends on the bubble circuit*. Here are some friends blowing bubbles at this nightclub called Deep in Makarska which is actually a cave located right on the water.

And when I woke up, I was sticky all over.

By far though, the best night out was in Dubrovnik. First Ben and I went to Cafe Buza, an amazing hidden bar perched on a cliff face and then we went to meet our Sail Croatians at some awesome dirty nightclub.  Here we are in the Old Town at 2am, after too much tea partying.

Even in the daytime, Dubrovnik is like some kind of shiny marble Eden. And everything is soaked in sunshine and gelato.

Most mornings we spent swimming off the side of the boat. Usually I’m afraid of deep water but I wasn’t here. I love this photo Chris took of Ana and I trying to sunbake in the water without drifting away from the boat.

A favourite highlight was visiting the Cocktail Bar Massimo in Korcula, which was located on top of a tower that used to form part of the city walls and is only accessable by ladder. The drinks are much more precious cargo and are delivered by pulley system up to the top bar. I also loved swimming and paddle boating at the beach in Makarska.

Now, we’re not talking your grandma’s paddle boat that she drives to church on Sundays, okay? These paddle boats were Lamborghini yellow and had slides and could catch waves… They were kind of like the magical schoolbus but less secretly educational and more THE BEST THING EVER.

So that was Sail Croatia in a slightly erratic nutshell. In summary, if you hate people, are a fussy eater and you don’t like pit-stop travel then Sail Croatia isn’t for you. But if you’re a normal person who needs to cram in a lot of holiday, you’ll love it.

* Not a real circuit.