A Lattice in Wonderland


Inspired by the painted ivy trellis ceilings and just the general down the rabbit hole loveliness that is Madame Brussels Bar in Melbourne, I wanted to make my own giant piece of pimped up lattice to sit against my bedroom wall.

<- To help with the visuals, here’s Madame Brussels Bar – You can make out the ceiling in the reflection and all the tiny crisscrossy shadows made from their lattice.


I bought the lattice online. It was the biggest piece I could fit through my door frame. It was also a diagonal cut because it looks waaaaaaaaaaay classier. Next, I ordered ivy and floral garlands from ebay as well as some warm white LED fairylights.

Let’s take inventory on the bed:

Then things took a turn for the awesome. I received a  (pink!) Nikon SLR for my birthday and I decided to take it for a spin with the time lapse video to end all time lapse videos. (NASA, this isn’t nearly as impressive as mine)

The whole project took about 3 hours. I only regret one thing and that’s my choice of crafting outfit, immortalised forever in that video.

I pretty much love my a huge, ridiculous, overkill of a night light. I like the effect the fairy lights make against the leaves and the whole secret garden vibe. I think, I’ll probably end up using it as a bedhead.

A hideous birdnest of power cords……. and my giant leafy nightlight on steriods.

I love all the creepy leafy shadowpuppets

Anyway, I hope it inspires you or at the very least gives you some insight into the mad hatter’s tea party that is the inside of my brain.




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4 delightful comments!

  1. That octopus (/squid) is adorable!

  2. Thanks, its called a squishable and I got it for my birthday. I bought him a little mini top hat cause this is brighton afterall and I can’t have him slum it. Anyway, they have endless varieties with different animals on squishable.com.

  3. Oh my goodness! This is just the loveliest idea. Swooning a little over here xo

  4. Glad you like it, Kerry. 🙂