Very very Bavaria

Ok, let’s get this travel series done, last installment, rip the bandaid off.

It seems strange writing about summer in Bavaria when it probably looks like the inside of a shaken up snowglobe right about now but… the blog wants what the blog wants. Basically, Baravia is the tits in summer – warm days, mild nights, cold beer and the most beautiful glacial lakes and inlands fjords.

The highlight was Lake Königsee, Germany’s third deepest lake located in the Berchtesgaden Alps. We stayed in the little town on the lake, Schönau am Königsee, at a lifesize gingerbread house called Hotel Schiffmeister which overlooked the water.

Lake Königsee may not win the prize for Germany’s deepest lake but it is the cleanest. No motorcraft is permitted and tourists are ferried from one end to the other in pretty wooden electric boats.

This guy and I had lunch (river trout, potatoes and beer) at the boat’s first stop, St Bartholomew church in the sunshine.

Here’s our dude of a boat driver steering us towards Eden (also known as Salet-Obersee, the last stop). The lake is flanked by walls of moutains which create a beautiful echo and to showcase this, every boat tour has a flugelhornist… (flugelhorner…? flugelhornet…?) on board. 100 years ago, in place of a flugelhorn, a cannon would be fired and the sound would be heard seven times as it bounced off the mountains.


The scenary was absolutely surreal. I felt like I was in Middle Earth. But a hypercoloured, disney version.


Once the boat dropped us at Salet-Obersee, we hiked for about 5km to get to Lake Obersee. The first part of the hike is easy and flat (see how cocky we are – “Here’s a rock, watch me climb it”) but then it starts to incline and you want to call out for your mother.


This is looking down at Lake Obersee. The water is so clear, its reflecting a mirror image of the moutains, the sky and the little boat house. Above the boat house is a little dairy, called Fischunkelalm, where they serve fresh buttermilk (also sausage salads) to weary, calcium-deficient hikers.


SPEAKING OF SAUSAGE SALAD… In front of Fischunkelalm there’s a swimming spot.  The water is still pretty nippy even in the middle of summer and this guy lasted about 2 minutes. No one questioned his manliness though. No one. After this, we sat in the meadow listening to the cowbells, while we  waited for someone to air dry.


Oh yeah, Munich is okay too…. if you like  laughter and fun and goodtimes.

I try to avoid them at all costs.