I need my head examined.

Many of you thought I was crazy. You couldn’t see my vision. At times I lost my way with this craft project and my mannequin head gathered dust. She had a couple of stints as a misunderstood fruit bowl but mostly she functioned as a talking point for how I start things and never finish them. NOT ANYMORE.

The head was sourced from Ebay many moon ago and everything else (the potting mix, the ceramic saucer and the succulents) from a plant nursury.

The hardest part was giving my girl a lobotomy and opening up her head. This was accomplished with an electrical saw and my friend Rebecca’s very handy husband Ryan (Thank you guys!). We tried a hand saw, but it made our hand’s sore.  If you were determined though, you could make it work.


DSC_5353I inverted her skull top (above) so I wouldn’t have to waste potting mix filling her from the neck up. Then I stuffed her full of succulents.

20140906-162708I chose succulents cause they’re hardy but equally you could plant wheat-grass, a maiden-hair fern, a string of pearls succulent or herbs like mint or basil. You could also experiment with different sized plants to give her a mohawk look.

I love her little-shop-of-horrors meets madame-tussauds vibe. It also reminds me of a grown up version of those Chia Pet planters from when I was little. But way more awesome.

What do you think?

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