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Land of the Rising Fun: Tokyo Edition

If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know I have a raging ladyboner for everything floral.  So, when I decided to visit Japan, the trip was very deliberately timed  to coincide with cherry blossom season. Despite global warming’s … Continue reading

Very very Bavaria

Ok, let’s get this travel series done, last installment, rip the bandaid off. It seems strange writing about summer in Bavaria when it probably looks like the inside of a shaken up snowglobe right about now but… the blog wants … Continue reading

I Heart Hrvatska – Sail Croatia Edition

Today we travel back in time (not far don’t worry, we’re not going to step on a bug and change the course of history) to June, when I boarded a dinky little boat called the Maya at the Port of … Continue reading

make dumplings, not war

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. (Actually, a sugarcoating would probably make them even tastier)   Gyoza dumplings are a total gateway drug.  If consumption goes unchecked, recreational use (such as eating dumplings socially with friends) can quickly spiral out … Continue reading

World’s Greatest Themed Dining Experiences

After a mini sabbatical, Christie has shamed me into posting! Thank you, Christie for helping to bring the world my babble. Hope I’m not too rusty… let’s see… I was reminicing about my time spent in Montréal today and was … Continue reading

no recession for the lemonade stand industry

Found myself parched in North Melbourne again on the weekend and happily stumbled on my favourite cavity in a cup, the neighbourhood lemonade stand. (From “say hello to my little friend” blogpost fame) Though business is clearly booming for Charlie* … Continue reading

Pho-king Pho-ntastic

On Sunday, Georgia and Evan took us to Mekong on Swanston St to lose our Pho-ginity. Pho-rankly, pho is pho-illing so I don’t believe that Bill Clinton did knock back two bowls at this particular establishment as the signage claims. … Continue reading

say hello to my little friend

Today in my North Melbourne travels I made a new friend, Charlie*, who truly encompasses the word ‘spontrepreneurial’ (Equally spontaneous and entrepreneurial, an excellent word that I certainly didn’t just make up.) What you can’t see in this photo is … Continue reading