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Land of the Rising Fun: Kyoto and Nara Edition

When I thought about visiting Kyoto during the cherry blossom season  I imagined a peaceful, haiku-writing, kimono-sleeve-fluttering experience. However, in reality, its actually more raucous, like a hello kitty kegger. Kyoto is overflowing with crowds during April’s Sakura (Cherry Blossom) … Continue reading

Land of the Rising Fun: Tokyo Edition

If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know I have a raging ladyboner for everything floral.  So, when I decided to visit Japan, the trip was very deliberately timed  to coincide with cherry blossom season. Despite global warming’s … Continue reading

Very very Bavaria

Ok, let’s get this travel series done, last installment, rip the bandaid off. It seems strange writing about summer in Bavaria when it probably looks like the inside of a shaken up snowglobe right about now but… the blog wants … Continue reading

Salty Salty Salzburg and Sourrounds

(Yep……….. I’m still going with this travel series even though the dust has well and truly settled on the trip………. just roll with it…….)     After the boozehaze of Sail Crotia lifted, we did Austria…. like a bosstria. This … Continue reading

Mostar, Most definitely

After Sail Croatia, we visited the turkishly delightful Mostar. Mostar is in Bosnia Herzegovina and fifty or so kilometres inland from the Croatian coast. It’s only fifty kilometres but it might as well be on the other side of the … Continue reading

I Heart Hrvatska – Sail Croatia Edition

Today we travel back in time (not far don’t worry, we’re not going to step on a bug and change the course of history) to June, when I boarded a dinky little boat called the Maya at the Port of … Continue reading

I Heart Hrvatska – Plitvice Edition

We said a teary-eyed and bleary-eyed goodbye to Zagreb (it was 4am) and with our friends in tow, began to make our way across Croatia to Split on the bus.   Next time! The big one… SAIL CROATIA.  

I Heart Hrvatska – Zagreb Edition

I bring you a belated part 2 chronicling how my specialmanfriend and I  got our wander on across Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Austria. We say “auf wieder-something” to Berlin…  and “ne govorim hrvatski” (I don’t speak Croatian) to Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb … Continue reading


My special man friend and I recently returned from a three week sojourn to Europe where we laughed and ate our way through four amazing countries. Although I would have liked to blog on the go, I was too busy … Continue reading

do you think…

…that if someone (a hypothetical someone) bought these jeans and wore them… from a distance they’d look naked but completely devoid of genitalia? (And maybe super wrinkly around the knees?)  

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