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My special man friend and I recently returned from a three week sojourn to Europe where we laughed and ate our way through four amazing countries. Although I would have liked to blog on the go, I was too busy … Continue reading

do you think…

…that if someone (a hypothetical someone) bought these jeans and wore them… from a distance they’d look naked but completely devoid of genitalia? (And maybe super wrinkly around the knees?)  

World’s Greatest Themed Dining Experiences

After a mini sabbatical, Christie has shamed me into posting! Thank you, Christie for helping to bring the world my babble. Hope I’m not too rusty… let’s see… I was reminicing about my time spent in Montréal today and was … Continue reading

Cutest Old People of the Internet

Being grandparent-less, I like to get my old people fix where I can: Helping them cross the street, watching them take out their teeth to play shuffleboard… I once even took a cruise with my Mum and even with our … Continue reading

is he looking?!! is he!? pretend I just said something funny!

cats in wigs. google search of the week.

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Uptown Growl: The World’s Richest Pets

The other day, I heard about a beautiful man named Frank Samways who left his entire fortune of $3million to  the Melbourne Lost Dogs Home when he died in July last year.  This meant that the centre, which receives no … Continue reading

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….to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot


A Critical Film Analysis of ‘Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding’ (2003)

Many of you (two of you) have been asking for this blog post for a very long time (about 2 weeks). So here we go. My love affair with this particular movie started on a rainy day in 2003. I … Continue reading

Camilla navigates the treacherous waters of online Christmas gift giving

I gave myself a challenge this year: Complete all my Christmas shopping without ever having to set foot in a shopping centre. Well,that didn’t go entirely to plan. All I seem to come across are the kind of gifts I … Continue reading

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Barbie told little girls all over the world, they could be anything… ANYTHING

In 2010, Mattel launched a global ad campaign to remind little girls (and bigger girls too) about the brand promise of Barbie: POSSIBILITY! When it comes down to it, all every little girl wants is to be a big girl. … Continue reading

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